Premix Tanks

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Diesel or Electric, With One or Two Compartments

Strad rents premix tanks which are used to mix and store drilling fluid, with the option of two or three compartments to handle all drilling fluid needs. Diesel or electric powered pumping units are available.


  • Premix tanks come with a 110 volt patch cord used to power the lighting for either service or set-up when the main power is off
  • Premix tanks have secondary emergency exit gates and ladders located at the back of the tanks
  • Safety cables are located on the motor room roof for snow clearing, and alongside the mud gates
  • Premix tanks have containment lips welded into both the motor and hopper rooms to contain spills
  • Motor and hopper rooms have drain plugs in the floors for cleaning
  • A hammer style ground rod is located in the hopper room with a quick connect hook-up located on the opposite side of the premix tank
  • All premix tanks come with a tripod man lift recovery unit located inside the lower hopper room. Any authorized compartment entry requires using the recovery unit

Premix Tank Compartment Features

  • 2″ mud guns and a 7.5 HP, 480 volt agitator to keep the drilling fluid suspended
  • All premix tanks have external 4″ butterfly valve outlets for each compartment as well as a main 4″ butterfly valve return line to the rig
  • Premix tanks have 2″ steam lines as well as steam heaters in the motor room

Roofing System Features (available on 84m³ tanks)

  • 110 volt hydraulic pump with easy set-up
  • Interior roof warning beacon
  • Two fail safe rams and a mid-locking pin service for light repairs and tarp installation
  • Tarps are available upon request for all premix tank units
  • Exhaust fan mounted on the roof to help ventilate fumes and steam


  • Steam heaters are in the upper deck (roof models) of the motor room and provide a fixed in-line heat source for the hopper room

Mixing Hoppers

  • Lower: 6″ Venturi style in a ventilated and heated room
  • Upper: 4″ Venturi style for heavy mud system requirements
  • 6′ locking gate in the hand rails for pallet accessibility on the top grating

Pumping Units

  • 480 or 600 volt, 60 HP electric motor, 6″ x 5″ x 11″ Mission Pump
  • 480 or 600 volt, 75 HP electric motor, 6″ x 5″ x 12″ Mission Pump
  • 1104E Perkins Diesel Motor, 6″ x 5″ x 11″ Mission Pump
  • 471 Detroit Diesel Motor, 6″ x 5″ x 11″ Mission Pump
  • Polymer Sheer Pump is available on request

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