Strad 24-Hour Service Line

Posted on Jun 30, 2021

This spring, Strad introduced our 24-Hour Service Line. As part of our commitment to Going Beyond for our customers, and in order to personalize and enhance Strad’s customer call experience, we have reorganized our phone call intake system. Our goal is to answer every call immediately and address all questions, equipment and service inquiries, and concerns within 15 minutes – every time.

Our 24-Hour Service Line offers customers the assurance that their needs are our top priority, and that Strad can be counted on to ensure all customers’ Industrial Matting and Equipment Rental needs are addressed efficiently.

Strad is a 100% employee owned company specializing in industrial matting and equipment rentals for projects of any size, from a network of branches across Canada and the United States. Strad aims to exceed customer expectations with a customer-first mindset in many industrial sectors, including Pipeline, Oil and Gas, Transmission and Distribution as well as Construction.

Strad is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.