Benefits of Using Access Matting – Part 5: Landowner Relations

Posted on Jun 13, 2019

Last, but not least, benefit number 5 may also be the most important – keeping landowners happy. Without landowner support for a project, none of the other benefits in our series – safety, environment, equipment, and time & money – even come into play.

It is important that project managers maintain a good relationship with landowners and ease minds when it comes to the treatment of private, agricultural or Indigenous lands. It is proven that industrial matting, such as access matting, laminate mats, or rig mats, create a highly effective barrier to decrease ground disturbance as well as helps to prevent soil or weed contamination. And, after the crews and access mats are gone, another benefit of matting is that it helps to promote regrowth so the land recovers quickly.

Confirmation to a farmer or landowner that a project is using access matting can help with land negotiations and will help to gain project support.

So, next time you start a project, be sure to consider all the ways that industrial matting can help ensure your project is a success!

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