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Safer Disposal of Fluid and Gas

During well-control situations, flare tanks allow disposal of drilling fluid and excess gas without harming the environment. Using a flare tank on a drill site also reduces the risks of injury, rig fires and water table contamination. Strad offers a variety of flare tanks for all types of field conditions.


  • Single stack flare tanks are available to rent either with propane or an electronic igniter system (auto-timer).
  • 110 volt remote igniter and lighting system are available on the 8m³, 12m³ and 20m³ flare tanks.
  • 40′ of 3″ vac line with a 3″ ball valve and a female cam lock.
  • 1 x 8″ for 8m³ flare tanks. 8″ lines can also be swedged down to a 6″ line if required.
  • The degasser on 12m³ and 20m³ flare tanks is located inside a 4′ x 4′ x 3′ compartment, minimizing the volume of water or antifreeze required for gas suppression in summer and winter months.
  • Two 4″ flare lines and one 6″ line.
  • Unions for degasser connections and for 8″ hook up can be fitted to your needs.
  • 36″ poor boy degasser.
  • Two 100 lb propane bottles are secured on a removable skid and forklift accessible. There is 100′ of ⅜” propane hose located at the manifold shack.
  • 12m³ have one 8″ flare line which is movable and can be converted from 8″ to 10″ or 8″ to 6″ upon request. Comes with a hammer union.
  • 20m³ have two 8″ flare lines which are movable and can be converted from 8″ to 10″ or 8″ to 6″ upon request. Come with a hammer union.
  • Pilots are 110 volt. There is one for each stack controlled by a gas manifold. These units are equipped with a hammer style ground rod and mounting lugs for easy storage. Full operating instructions are located on the electrical panel and must be reviewed prior to operation.
  • Igniter system is a remote push button on a 100′ power cord that must be located at the manifold shack.
  • Hammer unions must be specified before each unit is shipped.


Strad’s 8m³ (single stack) flare tanks offer an electronic igniter system on auto-timer for remote locations.

Strad’s 12m³ and 20m³ flare tanks come with adjustable-fit flare stacks that are easy to hook up because they slide. Strad also performs regular maintenance and field servicing on all units.

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